Owners of the processing of personal data

AppTime srl based in Rome, via Albenga 33 is the data controller of the personal data collected and processed through the Gallerist Services. You can find more details on the Data Controllers page.

What personal customer data does Gallerist collect?

We collect your personal data to provide and constantly improve our products and services. The categories of personal data we collect are listed below:

Data You Provide To Us Directly

We receive and store any data you provide to us in connection with the Gallerist Services. Click here to view some examples of the data we collect. You can choose not to provide some data, but if so, you may not be able to use many of our Services.

Data that is collected automatically

We automatically collect and store certain categories of data relating to your use of the Gallerist Services, including your interaction with the content and services available through the Gallerist Services. Like many other websites, we use "cookies" and other unique identification tools and we obtain certain types of data when your browser or device accesses the Gallerist Services and other content provided by, or on behalf of, Gallerist on others. Web sites. Click here to view some examples of the data we collect.

Data received from other sources

we may receive information about you from other sources, such as from our users regarding updated information on the purchase or sale of digital products, which we use to update our systems and to make it easier to use. by Gallerist. Click here to view some examples of information we receive from other sources.

For what purposes does AppTime process your personal data?

We process your personal data to perform, provide and improve the Gallerist Services we offer to our users. These purposes include:

Purchase and delivery of digital products

We use your personal data to receive and manage orders, provide products and services, process payments and communicate with you regarding your orders, products, services and promotional offers.

Provide and improve the Gallerist Services and resolve any issues related to them

We use your personal data to provide functionality, analyze performance, correct errors and improve the use and efficiency of the Gallerist Services.

Tips and customization

We use your personal data to suggest features, products and services that may interest you, to identify your preferences and personalize your experience with the Gallerist Services.

Commercial break

We use information such as your interactions with the Gallerist site, content and services to show you interest-based advertising in relation to features, products and services that may interest you. We do not use personally identifiable information to show you interest-based advertising. For more information, please see our Interest-Based Advertising Notice

Fraud Prevention and Credit Risks

We process personal data to prevent and detect fraud and abuse in order to protect the safety of our users. We may also use credit ratings to assess and manage credit-related risks

Fulfill legal obligations

In some cases we collect and use your personal data to comply with our legal obligations. For example, we collect information from third party vendors regarding their location and bank account for identification and other purposes.

Communicate with you

We use your personal data to communicate with you about the Gallerist Services through various channels (for example, by phone, email and chat)

Purposes for which we ask for your consent

We may also ask for your consent to process your personal data for specific purposes that we will communicate to you. When you consent to the processing of your personal data by us for a specific purpose, you can withdraw your consent at any time and, in this case, we will cease to process your data for that purpose.

How are cookies and other identification tools managed?

We use "cookies" and other similar tools to improve your shopping and / or sales experience, provide our services, understand how customers use our services in order to make improvements and view advertising. Authorized third parties also use these tools in connection with our display of advertisements. For more information on cookies and how we use them, please consult our Cookie Policy . You can manage your cookie preferences by visiting the Cookie Preferences page .

Does AppTime communicate your personal data to third parties?

The data relating to our users is a fundamental component of our business and we do not sell the personal data of our users to third parties. AppTime srl communicates the personal data of its users only as described below:

Transactions Involving Third Parties

We make available to you services, digital products, applications or skills provided by third parties for your use of, or through, the Gallerist Services. For example, you can order products from third-party sellers through our site. We also provide services or sell products in partnership with third party companies, such as co-branded credit cards . You will be able to recognize when a third party is involved in our transactions and it is in relation to these transactions that we share customer personal data with that third party.

Business Transfers

As our business continues to develop, we may sell or buy other businesses or services. Generally, in such transactions, customer data are part of the corporate assets that are transferred, but remain subject to the content of the previous Privacy Policy that may be applicable (unless, of course, the customer agrees otherwise). If AppTime srl or, substantially, its corporate assets were acquired by third parties, personal data relating to customers would naturally fall within the transferred assets.

Protection of Amazon Europe and other parties

we disclose account data and other personal data when we believe that such disclosure complies with legal obligations; to enforce or apply our General Conditions of Use and Sale and other agreements; o to protect the rights, assets and safety of AppTime srl, our users or other subjects. The above includes the exchange of information with other companies and organizations that provide for the prevention of fraud or the reduction of credit risk, In cases other than those listed above you will be informed whenever your personal data is shared with third parties and you will have the possibility to choose whether or not to allow such communication to third parties

Transfers outside the European Economic Area

Whenever personal data is transferred outside the European Economic Area, we ensure that such data is transferred in accordance with this Privacy Policy and applicable data protection regulations. We rely on the Adequacy Decisions adopted by the European Commission or use contracts that contain adequate security measures developed by the European Commission (you can contact our Customer Service to receive a copy).

How is the security of your personal data guaranteed?

We design our systems with your security and privacy in mind.

  • We are committed to protecting the security of your personal data during their transmission using encryption protocols and programs.
  • We comply with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) when handling your credit card information.
  • We take physical, electronic and organizational security measures in relation to the collection, storage and disclosure of our customers' personal data. Our security procedures mean that we may ask you to verify your identity before disclosing personal data to you
  • Our devices offer security features to protect them from unauthorized access and data loss. You can check these features and configure them according to your needs. Click here for more information on how to configure your device's security settings.
  • it is important that you take adequate measures to prevent unauthorized access to your password and to your computers, devices and applications. We recommend that you use a unique password for your Gallerist account that you don't also use for other online accounts. Always make sure you are logged out when you finish using a computer shared with other users. For more information on how to log out click here .

How is advertising handled?

Third party advertisers and links to other websites

The Gallerist Services may include third party advertisements and links to other websites and applications. Third party advertising partners may collect information about you when you interact with their content, their advertising and their services. For more information on third party advertising on Gallerist, including interest-based advertising, please see our Interest-Based Advertising Notice. To review your advertising preferences, please visit the Personalized Advertising Preferences page .

Use of advertising services offered by third parties

We provide information to external advertising companies to allow them to show you more useful and relevant advertising on Gallerist and to evaluate the effectiveness of the ads. In doing so, we never share your name or other information that can directly identify you. Otherwise, we use an advertising identification tool such as cookies or other device identification tools. For example, if you have already downloaded one of our apps, we will share your advertising identification tool and data relating to that event so that you will not be shown advertisements to invite you to download the same app again. Some advertising companies also use this information to show you relevant advertisements from other advertisers. You can learn more about how to opt out of interest-based advertising on the Personalized Advertising Preferences page .

What personal data can you access?

You can access your data including your name, address, payment options, profile information, Gallerist subscription, settings and purchase history, from the section of the site called "My account ". Click here for a list of examples of data you can access.

What options do you have?

If you have any questions or objections about the ways in which we collect and process your personal data, please contact our Customer Service . Many of our Gallerist Services also include settings that allow you to choose how your data may be used.

  • As indicated above, you can choose not to provide some data but, if so, you may not be able to take advantage of many of the Gallerist Services.
  • You can add or update some data such as those indicated in the section "What data can I access?". When you update data, we generally keep a copy of the previous version for our records.
  • f you do not want to receive emails or other communications from us you can review your Communication Preferences . If you do not want to receive notifications from our application, please review your notification settings on the application or on your device.
  • f you do not want to see interest-based advertising, please review your Personalized Advertising Preferences .
  • The Help menu on most browsers and devices will tell you how to prevent your browser or device from accepting new cookies, how to make your browser notify you when you receive a new cookie and how to disable cookies altogether. Since cookies allow you to take advantage of some Gallerist Services, we recommend that you leave them activated.
  • You can lend or withdraw your consent regarding third party advertising cookies by accessing the Personalize third party advertising cookies page .
  • If you wish to browse our website without your browsing activity being associated with your account, you can do so by logging out of your account and disabling cookies on your browser.
  • You can manage the suggestions that are provided to you on our site by accessing the page Improve our suggestions for you , remove the suggestions that you do not want to see by accessing the page Recommended for you (select the template of products that you have not purchased, select the item "View All & Manage "and the" Remove Articles "option), you can also edit your browsing history by accessing the Displayed Articles page .
  • When you allow us to process your personal data for a specific purpose, you can withdraw your consent at any time. In this case, we will cease any further processing of your data for that specific purpose.
  • You can also disable other specific types of processing by updating the settings on the related Gallerist site (for example, by accessing the "My content and devices" section), on the device or application. Most devices also offer users the ability to change device permissions (for example, disable / enable location services or contacts). On most devices, these commands are found in the device settings menu. If you have any questions about how to change device permissions on third- party devices, we recommend that you contact your mobile operator or device manufacturer, as different devices may have different permission settings.
  • If you are a seller / contributor, you can add or update certain data , update your account information by accessing the seller's account information, and change your email or other communications you receive from us by updating your preferences notification .

Furthermore, according to the applicable legislation, you have the right to request access, rectify and delete your personal data and exercise the right to data portability. You can also object to our processing of your personal data or request, in certain cases, the limitation of the processing of your personal data. If you wish to exercise any of these rights, please contact Gallerist Customer Service . If, on the other hand, you wish to submit a data access request, click here .

Can minors use the Gallerist Services?

AppTime srl does not sell products to minors. If you are under the age of 18, you can only use the Gallerist Services with the involvement of a parent or guardian.

How long do we keep your personal data?

We keep your personal data to allow you to continuously use the Gallerist Services for as long as necessary to pursue the purposes described in this Privacy Policy, as required by law for example for tax and accounting purposes or as otherwise communicated to you. For example, we keep your transaction history so that you can review your purchases (and repeat orders if you wish) and to which addresses you have asked for orders to be shipped, as well as to improve the suitability of the products and content we recommend.

General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union - Legal basis

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union requires that our processing of personal data be based on a legal basis. The legal bases we use depend on the specific purpose for which we process personal data. We use the following legal bases for the processing of personal data

  • Performance of a contract: when we provide you with products or services, or communicate with you about them. This legal basis includes when we use your personal data to receive and manage orders, provide products and services and process payments.
  • Legitimate business interests and protecting our customers' interests: when we improve Amazon's services (for example, when we use your voice commands, video frames and camera system images to improve services), when we ascertain and we prevent fraud and abuse in order to protect the safety of our customers, ours or third parties and when we provide you with interest- based advertising.
  • On your permission: when we ask for your consent to treat your personal information for specific purposes we inform you. When you consent to the processing of your personal data by us for a specific purpose, you can withdraw your consent at any time and, in this case, we will cease to process your data for that purpose.
  • Fulfillment of a legal obligation: when we use your personal data to comply with legal obligations. For example, we collect information about their location and bank account from third party vendors for identification purposes.
  • These and other legal bases:depending on the purpose for which we use your personal data.

Contacts, Information and Revisions

If you have any questions about how AppTime uses and processes personal data or would like to get in touch with one of our data controllers, please contact us by sending us a brief description of the matter you intend to raise and we will do what we can to help you. Furthermore, the Data Protection Officer for the aforementioned data controllers can be contacted at the e-mail address privacy@gallerist.biz You can file a report with our supervisory authority the Guarantor for the Protection of Personal Data (GPDP) or with the supervisory authority of the place where you reside. As our activities change constantly, our Privacy Policy is also subject to change. We suggest that you check our site frequently for any changes. Our current Privacy Policy applies to all data we have about you and your account unless otherwise stated. Since we respect the promises made, we will never substantially change our policies and procedures without the consent of the customers concerned, making them less protective than the data of our customers that we have collected

Other procedures and related information

Examples of data we collect

Information you provide to us when you use the Amazon Services

You provide us with your data when:

  • search for products or services in our stores
  • add or remove an item from your cart, place an order through or use the Gallerist Services
  • download, stream, view or use content on a device or through a service or application on a device
  • provide data in the My Account section . The issuance of the electronic invoice relating to an order will be communicated to you in the (and you may have multiple accounts if you have used more than one e-mail address or more than one telephone number when you made a purchase with us) or in the section The my profile
  • add your contacts
  • configure your settings, provide permissions to access data or interact with your device or with another Gallerit Service
  • provide information about your contributor account, or any other account we make available to you to develop or offer digital products to Gallerist users
  • offer your products or services on or through the Gallerist Services
  • communicate with us by telephone, email or otherwise
  • fill out a questionnaire, a request for help or request a contest;
  • upload or stream images, videos or other files;
  • participate in the community features

By acting as above you could provide us with the following data: your name; your address and your telephone number; payment information; your age; information relating to your location; your IP address; the names, addresses and telephone numbers listed in the Your addresses section; the email addresses of your friends and other people; the contents of reviews and emails sent to us; the personal description and photograph contained in the "my profile" section; the images and videos collected or stored in connection with the Gallerist Services; information and documents relating to your identity and your status; corporate and financial information; information relating to your creditworthiness; the VAT number; and device configuration and log files, including Wi-Fi credentials.

Data we collect automatically

We collect and analyze data such as, for example:

  • the Internet Protocol (IP) address used to connect your computer to the Internet
  • login, e-mail address and passwords
  • the location of your device or computer
  • information related to your interaction with the content, such as content download, streaming and playback details, including duration and number of simultaneous streams and downloads, and network details for streaming and download quality, including information on the internet service provider
  • device metrics, such as when a device is in use, application usage, connectivity data and any errors or failures
  • the metrics of the Galllerist Service (for example, the occurence of technical errors, your interactions with the features and content of the service, your settings preferences and backup information, the location of the device running and application, information about images and uploaded files (for example, file name, dates, times and folder where the images are saved)
  • your device model and time zone settings
  • he history of the purchases and the use of the contents, data that we sometimes combine with similar information collected from other customers for the purpose of creating functions such as "Best sellers"
  • he complete URL (Uniform Resource Locators) path (including date and time); the number of cookies; the products and / or content you have viewed or searched for; page loading times, download errors, the duration of navigation on certain pages and information of interaction with the pages (such as scrolls, clicks and cursor movements on the pages)
  • the telephone numbers used to call our customer service number
  • images and videos when you make purchases on our site using the Gallerist Services.

We may also use device identifiers, cookies and other technologies on devices, applications and on our web pages to collect navigation, usage or other technical information for fraud prevention purposes.

Data we collect from other sources

We can receive data from other sources such as, for example:

  • updated information on delivery and download of images and files, which we use to update our records and to fulfill future orders or make future communications more easily
  • account data, information on purchases or redemption of codes, on the pages you visit relating to your interactions with companies with which we manage certain co-branded offers or to which we provide advertising or other services
  • search and link results, including paid ads
  • creditworthiness data from credit bureaus that we use to prevent and detect fraud and offer credit or financial services to some customers

Data you can access

Through the Gallerist Services you can access certain data such as, for example:

  • the status of recent orders (including subscriptions to services)
  • complete order history
  • personally identifiable information (which includes name, email, password, communication preferences and personalized advertising preferences, address book and 1-Click settings)
  • your payment settings (which include credit card information and promotional codes, gift cards and account balance)
  • email notification settings (which include product availability alerts, deliveries, special occasion alerts, and newsletters)
  • recently viewed tips and products that are the basis for tips (including Recommended for you and Enhance tips for you)
  • shopping lists and gift lists (including the Wish List)
  • your content, devices, services and related settings and interest-based communications and advertisements
  • the content you have recently viewed
  • voice recordings associated with your account
  • your profile (including your product reviews, recommendations, alerts and personal profile)